2018 SOP Canada ?? Tour Schedule


Canada Alberta Worship Conference
1PM-4:30PM [Edmonton Christian Community Church]

9/22 (Sat)
Canada Edmonton Worship & Praise Celebrations
7PM [Edmonton Christian Community Church]
*Ticket start selling and request on 9/2 at Edmonton Christian Community Church

*800 Live Ticket (CAD$5 )/ 600 Broadcast Ticket (Free)
*Note: Live ticket for age above 12 only, under 12 need childcare and broadcast ticket.

9/23 (Sun)
Canada Calgary Worship & Praise Celebrations
7PM [South Calgary Chinese Evangelical Free Church]
Free Admission

10/27 (Sat)
Canada Vancouver Children Worship & Praise
3PM [Evangelical Chinese Bible Church]
Free Admission 

10/27 (Sat)
Canada Vancouver Worship & Praise Celebrations
7PM [Evangelical Chinese Bible Church]
Free Admission